See me Speak at Top Earner Academy & Get an Epic Bonus!

I’ll be speaking at an event this June and I wanted to invite you to come out and see me along with several other top speakers and network marketing industry trainers. The event I’ll be speaking at is the prestigious “Top Earner Academy Live” event held in Orlando Florida. In case you haven’t already heard about this event it’s probably one of The BEST generic Network Marketing Training events in the industry.

This event is put on and hosted by Ray & Jessica Higdon who are two AMAZING Trainers and Industry Legends. I personally work with them and I’m proud to call them both mentors and friends.

I filmed a quick video sharing details about the event and to explain to you why in my opinion it’s an event that YOU absolutely HAVE to  attend this year! I attended last year and the training and content blew me away! And that’s not easy to do, because if you can imagine, I’ve been to countless seminars and events over the years. And with that being said as far as strong no holds barred network marketing training goes this event is the best I’ve seen. And for the nominal cost to attend it’s a “No Brainer!”

As I mentioned in the video above my girlfriend Tanya and I are holding a “private training” for those of you who buy a ticket through us by clicking this link or the big red button below…

And for those of you who get a VIP ticket, Tanya and are going to carve time out to give you a private one on one coaching session as well. (That's a $500 value alone.)

Now here's the catch on the Bonus I mention...

You're gonna have to be a quick decision maker and choose to buy your ticket immediately because in order to get these extra bonuses from us, you MUST buy your ticket through us BEFORE the clock strikes midnight on Tuesday the April 15th. If you buy it afterwards, I'll still love ya, but you won't be allowed into our private training event... no matter who you are.

I hope you decide to step and go, because I'd love to see you and spend some time with you and get a chance to help you get some serious breakthroughs both from the training I'll be delivering on stage and from the private training my girlfriend and I will be doing for you if you're one of the lucky ones who gets their ticket from us before it's too late. 🙂

P.S. If you really want to get in on that private training we'll be doing and already have a ticket that you bought through someone else, I'd recommend buying another one here and now and selling or giving your other ticket to a teammate or fellow networker. The event will most likely sell out and that second ticket will appreciate in value immediately when the price goes up after Tuesday and it will be more valuable then gold when event sales are closed.

Click this big ole red button now for the event details and to get your ticket now!

Disclaimer: I'm not recommending you buy multiple tickets to scalp them for big profit when the price goes up or ticket sales close down, but if you had the foresight to get multiple tickets to a killer event that everyone that hears about it wants to attend and you have a ticket and they don't because of their bad timing, then by the law of supply and demand I think it's fair that an entrepreneur like yourself is allowed to make a little profit or interest from your investment. It's only fair right? 😉

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