The key to recruiting leaders & eliminating “money objections”.

In this video how to cut the money-objections you hear in half and how to find and recruit the leaders that will “rocket launch” you to the top of your company while giving you the headache-free, high producing organization most people only dream of.

The key to building a low maintenance team that grows with or without you is to find and recruit leaders. The best way to find leaders is to “recruit up” meaning targeting people who are already successful, are leaders, or who exhibit strong leadership qualities.

In network marketing for example, most people tend to target people who are younger and less successful than they are. That’s the formula for a very high maintenance, low producing organization and what is known as “recruiting down”.

I did that for several years and it was painful! I got pummeled with tons of objections of people not having the money to join my business and those that did join, never did anything because they had no influence and were used to quitting whenever things got tough.

That’s why they weren’t successful in the first place.

If you want to build a championship team, recruit winners and champions. A championship season rises and falls on the drafting of the best players. It’s all about the pre-season draft. Never forget that.

One of the big benefits of recruiting up and targeting leaders is that they don’t give lame excuses and they always find a way to get done what needs to get done. Leaders are hungry, resourceful, and find a way where there is no way. That’s what makes them leaders. If they don’t have the money for whatever reason they’ll find it quickly and join immediately.

Additionally if you approach and target people who are already successful they’ll have money and so you’ll cut the “money objections” you hear in half if not completely.

And from a production standpoint because leaders are have influence, when they do get started on your team they’ll get results faster because people take them seriously when they talk and do what they recommend.

If you fully grasp and apply this “recruiting up” concept and soak in the nuggets from this video, it could be absolutely game changing for you and your business. Trust me, this concept changed my business drastically in less then a year of implementing it!

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-Cesar L. Rodriguez


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