How to overcome fear by uttering six “almost magical” words

Now I can’t say that I believe in witchcraft, magic potions, and spells but…

I do believe that there are a few phrases that when uttered at the right time in the right situation to yourself can seem to have almost magical effect and make you feel like you’ve just cast a spell on yourself where you instantly act differently.

Affirmations and pattern interrupts are powerful things and are far from “hocus pocus”, but can have some pretty almost magical effects. In the video below I share an example of how I often use the six words… “If I can’t, then I must” to snap myself out of the negative self talk that would otherwise keep me from getting the results I want.

In this video I share a funny story about how I wanted to “wuss out” of doing something I knew I should do, but was scared to.

And yes, it happens to the best of us so don’t feel bad when it happens to you, just fight back the way I show you in this video.

My mind, after much conditioning, is now trained to the point where whenever I say the words “I can’t” a switch somewhere deep in my subconscious mind acts like it was flipped and I immediately snaps back and say “IF I CAN’T, THEN I MUST!”

It’s pretty funny and makes me laugh when I think about it, because I can barely help myself.

It’s as if I was hypnotized or programmed to whenever I think of or say the trigger words “I can’t” then I immediately stand up straight, pound my chest, and powerfully say the six magic words.

I then dig deep and muster up the strength to do what I just said I can’t do.

How did I get like that?

By reminding myself to say those six words over and over again each time I thought to myself I couldn’t do something.

At first you have to think about it and remind yourself consciously to say them, but after saying them enough times… AND doing the thing you just said you couldn’t do, you learn that the thing you thought you couldn’t do, you actually can do!

Then and interesting thing happens… you start altering your belief system and re-writing your “Can’t Rules”.

After awhile saying “If I can’t, then I must!” after thinking or saying “I can’t” becomes second nature… and so does accomplishing the thing you thought you couldn’t do.

Eventually you come to the realization that there’s not much you can’t do and that saying “I can’t” was just a bad habit you got yourself into that never actually had anything to do with what you can and cannot do.

Once saying those six “possibility thinking” words becomes second nature, you’ll transform into a hardcore “doer” and super achiever rather a weak excuse maker and loser who says “I can’t” and then “doesn’t” all the time… which is a really lame way to go through life.

P.S. If you enjoyed this post click like, drop a comment below, and share it with others. Sharing this particular post is HUGE because the “I can’t disease” is pretty prevalent and people need to be cured of it, and these six “almost magical” words just might be the cure and the medicine someone you know needs! =)

P.P.S. The next time you hear someone say “I can’t go to the big event”, “I can’t because I don’t have the money”, or whatever statement they make that encompasses or includes the words “I can’t”, just send them this post and tell them to read it, watch the video, and then respond with a better, more appropriate statement or decision.

You might just end up changing… or even saving their lives. =)

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