Increase Motivation! A Super Cool Commercial I Starred In =)

Crank your speakers and get ready to increase motivation!

This is less of a commercial and more of fully fledged movie trailer. This video will def get your blood moving!!

If you’ve viewed any other videos of me before you’re probably used to seeing me be a ham, but this one will increase motivation!

This video is totally not like that. It’s more like a movie trailer, but totally worth your time to watch.

This video is EPIC!

You’ll def feel like you want to see the movie. But when you realize that there’s no movie you’ll instead just want to set up a free account.

You can do so by clicking the previous link.

Did This Commercial Increase Motivation for You?

When I made this commercial, I didn’t realize how big it would really be, but when I received feedback from those that use it, I realized that it did in fact increase motivation for these folks.


They realized that tracking their activity and being accountable is what matters and what works. Sure, it’s great for salespeople, but it’s for anyone that wants more success, whether they are: 

  • Organizations
  • Corporations
  • Sales Teams
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Network marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Writers with deadlines for publishers
  • Managers and more!

Anyone that wants to track their activity and increase motivation needs to spend time with Activity Tracker.

If you are always looking for the outside fix but you want to take your future and your success into your own hands as you should, then it’s time to work on how you plan to increase motivation to get there!

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