How To Close Analytical Prospects Who Ask A Million Questions!

Ever wonder what to say to and how to close those analytical prospects who want to nitpick every little detail about your business, act skeptical, and ask you a million questions only to wind up leaving you with a “I’ll think about it” or “I gotta do more research” type of objection?

If so you’re gonna love this video! In this training you’re going to learn one of my favorite “go to techniques” that works very effectively when dealing with those types of people.

Most amateur network marketers and sales people think they can just bulldoze these people into submission and they try to go against their prospect’s natural mindset and tendencies to be analytical which only makes their prospect clam up and feel like they’re being high-pressured.

Instead, I recommend taking a totally different approach. One that works with your prospect’s analytical personality and channels their energy in a direction that allows them to virtually close themselves. When executed properly the results of using my technique are jaw dropping.

If you’ve ever struggled with closing people with analytical personalities, you’re absolutely going to love this video!


Please understand there are several techniques and methods for closing skeptical and analytical prospects who give you objections on the back end of your presentation, however the most effective way and best time to handle objections is before they come up.

I created a free webinar on how to do that, where I shared the 6 step formula you have to follow if you want to create an objection-less sales presentation that gets people wanting to say YES to your product service or opportunity immediately and without objections.

If you missed my Immediate Yes Formula™ webinar when I did it live, you can watch the replay by clicking here.

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