How to sell & recruit during the holidays in Network Marketing.

One of the most common issues that Network Marketers struggle with every year around November and December is How to sell & recruit during the holidays. Which is why I made this video & a FREE downloadable PDF containing all the tips & scripts I share in the video below it.

Each year during holiday season, Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years Eve prospects can sometimes seem to be harder to pin down to appointments.

When you try to tell them about your business you’ll often be greeted with excuses about how they don’t have time because they’re busy traveling, buying presents, visiting with friends, entertaining family, etc.

In this video I give you a ton of advice, approaches, and scripts that’ll help you to create the interest and urgency you need to get your prospects not only open to hearing about your opportunity, but also excited to join immediately before the holidays end & new year begins.

If you’d like a word for word download of all the scripts I share in this video so you can modify them and use them for yourself, click the button below to get a FREE PDF document sent directly to you as my holiday gift to you. 🙂

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