It’s Gotta Equal Something! #HardcoreMotivation

In this video I’m going share with you some of the wisest most hardest hitting words that have ever been shared with me by a bona fide sales legend.

Although I gotta warn you, if you’re anything like me, the story I share of what this early mentor told me may cause you to have a real “gut check moment” and if you’re operating below your potential it might make you a little uncomfortable.

But, if you’re like most people that I’ve shared this story with in the past, if you can prevent yourself from making excuses, getting offended, or taking what I say too personally…

After this story you’ll probably find yourself strongly motivated to go out there and write business like never before and you’ll wind up thanking me profusely for this story with you!

And there’s a good chance that if you take this message to heart, this story might be the catalyst that causes you to unlock that inner beast I know you have inside you that’s just itching and waiting for an excuse to break loose so you can crush it like never before!

There’s no profanity in this story, but if you’re that special type of person that gets offended easily, you may find yourself getting offended or riled up by my old mentor’s words and mine. Just know, if that happens, that’s not a bad thing.

In fact in this story, my mentor actually said what he said to me, hoping to elicit an emotional response. He was deliberately trying to get under my skin and challenge me, because as many master motivators know, “emotion creates motion.”

Meaning, sometimes the best way to get someone in motion, raising their standards, and moving in the right direction is to challenge that person, their belief structure, and to get them emotional… or as we used to call it “Sideways”.

Military Drill Sergeants in boot camp aren’t the only ones that use advanced motivational tactics like that, many leaders and master motivators use them as well.

So hopefully you’re tough enough to take this message to heart, not get offended, not make excuses and just go out there into the market place after this video and show the world what you’re made of.

Make me proud. It’s time to step up! Enjoy the video and click like and drop a comment if it impacts you. I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback on this one.


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