How to Master Prospecting, Recruiting, or Closing by Adopting My “Buying Philosophy”

This is one of those posts that you’ll want read every word before you watch the video below. In the video below I’m going to share with you what I call my “Buying Philosophy” and how it allowed me transform myself into the person that I am today.

But before you watch the video below that will reveal to you what it will take to achieve mastery in your field and become the best of the best, I want you to fully grasp the power of what happens when you do.

I want to vividly show you the result of what happens if you adopt this philosophy, by having you visualize these very real scenarios, that if you stick with me and continue following me throughout the months and years, can very much soon become your reality…

Imagine for a second being so good at cold market prospecting and arousing your prospects’ interest, that they frequently interrupt you in the middle of your conversation by giving you their business card and asking you if you can make time to meet with them to tell them more… and Yes, this is possible. In fact it’s not just possible, it happens to me all the time…

My prospects frequently “take the fun out of the game” for my, by beating me to the punch and giving me their number and asking me to follow up with them before I get to the chance to.

Imagine being so good at recruiting that when someone asks you how many people you recruit each month your answer is “As many as I feel like”… and you’re not just talking trash because the truth is whether you want to recruit 2 week or 2 people a day, you’ve become so skilled at your process that you can literally “recruit on demand”. It’s a pretty cool place to be and I highly recommend it. 😉

Buying Timeshare StillAnd lastly Imagine being so good at closing and knowing how to get people so hot and heavy to buy that instead of you being nervous to ask for the sale, your prospects are the ones feeling nervous and they’re being extra nice to you hoping to impress you enough so that YOU will allow THEM to buy from YOU so that they can become one of your clients… and Yes this happens to me all the time too…

In that last closing scenario I gotta say it happens to me now quite a bit, but back in my timeshare selling days I can honestly say that I had just about every person that ever bought from me, postured in that manner and hoping that I’d “allow them to buy” from me that day. Keep in mind mind, most of those people, if not all of them, hated me and all timeshare sales reps and had no intention or interest in buying, before they shook my hand.

On a side note, I used to live for the challenge of turning my skeptical timeshare prospects around and getting them to love me. It was so much fun to see my guests waiting in the lobby for me arms crossed ready to hate me and then a couple of hours later walking out when I was done with them hugging me, thanking me, and excited about their $50,000 purchase. It’s not easy to do, but it sure is fun. 🙂

If any of these scenarios seemed far fetched for you to imagine and you’re having trouble believing that you can ever be that much of a master in any of these areas… it’s okay, back in my early days when I might not have been imagine I could ever be this good myself.

But luckily for me, I was hungry, relentless, and willing to do whatever it takes to get achieve mastery so that making money would become easy for me and so that I could get bigger results and with less effort and in less time than everyone else.

Being hungry and having a burning desire is the first part of the equation to achieving mastery, but unfortunately that’s not something I can teach you. Like I tell my teammates all the time “I can’t teach you to be hungry, but if you’re hungry I can teach you everything else”.

However, part two is accumulating the knowledge, skills, techniques, and mindsets you need to succeed. In the video below I’m gonna share with you some killer tips and the “buying philosophy” that if you adopt will help you outproduce everyone else and not just get a little better immediately, but it will also help you get drastically better year after year so that before you know it, you’re on stage sharing your tips and philosophies to audiences of hundreds or even thousands of people.

Okay, so are you ready to learn and adopt my Buying Philosophy? If so watch this video…

Did you get value from this post, video, and overall message? Do you think you might know a few people who’d benefit from adopting this Buying Philosophy? If you have a team and they all adopted this philosophy could you imagine how much better they’d become and how much money you’d all make? Can you imagine that they’d probably never miss another event after seeing this video? If so you may wanna consider sharing this post and video with your team and organization.

If you think this post and video might help some people, then join my on my mission to impact others and change lives by sharing this post with as many people as possible by clicking on the social share links below. I can always see who shares my trainings and I’m forever grateful to those people who join me on my mission to help impact others.

Also don’t forget, that I love to hearing your feedback so drop a comment and let me know what you thought of this post. 🙂

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