Always play to win, never play to keep from losing. – Stage Talk.

In this short, but extremely powerful and thought provoking 2 minute video clip of me speaking on stage at a live event, you’ll be exposed to a quote and philosophy that when adhered to will help you…

  • Win in business and in life… while crushing the competition.
  • Make amazing comebacks in your life (go from bankrupt to baller!)
  • Close more deals and make more money.
  • Make better and more confident business and life decisions.
  • Redefine risk and decide when you need to play conservatively vs risky!
  • Decide how to best invest in yourself (events, personal development, etc)

Important Note: I cut this video to be as short as possible so that the basic message behind it could be absorbed quickly and so that the video would be quick and easy for you to share with your teams, future teammates, or business prospects.

However, the message and information in this video is so deep that in order for you to fully grasp and understand the power of the philosophy in this message, I recommend you read this entire blog post after watching the video.

Doing so will ensure that you know how to apply the philosophy I share in this video into your business and life on a daily basis so that you can absolutely dominate anything you do!

Failing read this entire post may cheat you of the knowledge on how to best take this potentially game-changing philosophy and apply it into your life in a way that could’ve led to some pretty huge breakthroughs for you.

So watch this video and then read the rest of the blog post. I promise you, it’ll be worth the read.


Okay, hopefully you watched the 2 minute video by now. If so great!

Let me now take a minute to share with you how you take what you just saw and apply it into your business and life so you can get the type of results that I mentioned in the bullets above and more.

Personally, the “Cesarism” (self made quote) “Always play to win, never play to keep from losing” that I share in the above video is something that I reference regularly to navigate myself through the web of decisions I face, especially as an entrepreneur, on an almost daily basis.

Here’s an example: Whenever I’m faced with any decisions like “Should I buy this? or Should I do that?” I simply ask myself, “Am I playing to win or playing to keep from losing right now?”

As an entrepreneur, network marketer, and sales professional of which I am all three…

If what I’m thinking about doing would be categorized as a conservative or defensive move, like me trying to save money by maybe…

  • Not buying a personal development product, program, or course that has the potential to give me an edge or lead me to my next breakthrough. Or…
  • Not investing the money to go to an event or seminar where I might learn something valuable or game changing. Or…
  • Not asking for the sale one more time, in a different way, for fear that my prospect might reject me tell me “no” again.

I then pause, re-evaluate what I’m thinking, and then ask myself…

“If my back was against the wall and I was already down and losing (which many people in business are because they’re broke and struggling) what would be the ‘All In’ drastic ‘Hail Mary’ type of play or decision that I would make right now if I was truly playing to win and not playing to keep from losing?”

And then I take the ideas and answers that I come up with and choose the best one. Hint: If what you come up with seems ballsy, scary, or makes you feel a bit uncomfortable, that’s probably the right choice.

“You’ll never find victories and breakthroughs inside your comfort zone.”

Because most people think and play conservatively in life, probably because schools, parents, and the media have been drilling the “Play it safe, get a safe secure job with benefits, don’t rock the boat message” for decades…

Those people (the conservative-playing masses) for fear of taking a risk and losing, wind up missing out on taking the shots that would’ve caused them to win. In today’s world “playing it safe” is the new “risky”.

And since I’m sure by now you’ve decided to walk away from the masses and choose to not think and act the way they do… The good news for you is if you’re not on their side, then they’re your competition.

And just like in sports, if your competition is playing scared and not playing to win, but you’re playing aggressively and playing to win, who do you think is gonna win when it’s all said and done?

I’m pretty sure you’d agree… it’s you.

So here’s the bottom line, if you’re truly hungry for success… act like it! Be scrappy, take risks, invest in yourself, lay it on the line, go all in, and play to win!

If you have that type of mindset you’ll be able to out grow and out maneuver your peers, co-workers, competition, etc. While everyone else is seeming to stand still in life, you’ll be ranking up and moving forward by leaps and bounds.

Will you take a few hits from time to time in your pursuit of glorious victories? Sure, but what champion hasn’t had their brushes with adversity and temporary defeat?

The thing that separates champions from losers in life is that champions brush it off and bounce back. And usually come back smarter, stronger and hungrier than before.

One of the reasons I’m as confident and good as I am today is because when everyone else around me was looking at buying and going through the same books, programs, courses, and seminars that I was looking at…

They were asking questions from a position of fear and lack like… “What if I spend my money on this and don’t get a breakthrough, can I afford to have that happen to me?”

And if their answer was No, then they wouldn’t invest in that program, course, seminar, etc.

Whereas I would ask different questions. I would ask myself questions like…

“What if choose to play conservatively, not spend this money, and because I chose to keep it in my bank account I wound up missing something inside this course, program, seminar, etc that might have given me the edge or breakthrough I was looking for? Can I truly afford to take that risk?”


“What if there was just one thing inside this course, program, or seminar… one line, one technique, one philosophy or one idea that could help me close one more person out of a hundred. If that happened, wouldn’t what I spent on this program or event, eventually pay for itself over course of my career?”

Can you see the enormous difference in the type of questions I asked myself as compared to the types of questions most people ask themselves when considering investing in themselves?

As Tony Robbins always says, “If you want better results, ask yourself better questions.”

Can you imagine how vastly different the mind and the results would be from a person that has the type of “play to win mindset” that I had vs the “play to keep from losing mindset” that most people have?

I mean it didn’t take long in my life for the differences to be extremely evident to everyone around me when you compared me and my results against the reps in my first company that were in and around at the same time I was.

When I joined my first networking marketing company at 21 yrs old I struggled for months until I decided to throw away the safety net and “play to win” every opportunity I got.

After about 2 years (around 23 yrs old) I was the number 1 producer in my state… by a long shot, as well as one of the top recruiters and producers in the entire company.

I was being asked to speak at events right and left and I say this next part with complete humility…

At the events I spoke at, I was told repeatedly by the attendees how I was one of the best trainers they’d ever seen. (That was always really humbling. I knew it was never because of my talent, but rather because of how much I invested in myself through personal development courses, program, and seminars).

I could go on and on and start talking about everything else that happened and mention the kind of money I started making and how much I spent on the personal development programs and events I went through that sharpened me up, improved my mindset and advanced my skills so greatly, so fast…

But I think you get the point and know that how the story ends with me eventually growing beyond that company and landing where I am today as an influencer and thought leader to entrepreneurs, network marketers, and sales professionals across the globe in multiple companies and industries…

I mean you’re on my blog and you can see the content I create and how many fans and followers I have. So it’s not like you have to take my word for it. You can see firsthand the end result of my…

“Always play to win, never play to keep from losing” mentality and philosophy.

So my biggest wish for you is to adopt this philosophy and stop playing to keep from losing, and start playing to win in every area of your life so too can have the type of results and life that I’ve been blessed to have. 🙂

If you’re committed to adopting the Always play to win, never play to keep from losing mindset, I’d be honored if you’d drop a comment to let me know you’re committed to the movement and I’d love to know who I’ve impacted out there.

I care about you and I am fighting for you and rooting for you to win more than you know. Let’s get it!

Your friend and coach,

Cesar L. Rodriguez

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