Here’s a few gifts to all my Wyndham friends.

I don’t know what device you’ll be looking at these PDFs of Images from but if you’re on a computer,

You’ll probably have to right Click these links and images and select “Save As” to download them to your computer then transfer these to your iPad.

Other then the books these docs are images so you can just put them in your iPhoto and make an album on your iPad.

On an iPad I recommend you download the iBooks app and open these PDFs on iBook and read the books when you have down time.

#1) Killer books to Read!

1) How to Win Friends & Influence People – Dale Carnegie

2) Think and Grow Rich -Napoleon Hill


#2) Some of my best and favorite pitch book collateral

Wyndham Rewards Docs

IMG_0054_2IMG_0037 IMG_0044IMG_0040 IMG_0039


Random Docs.

-Franz saying we’re running out of inventory in 2010

-The Fairshare Plus program summary page.

-Club Wyndham Plus Program Disclosure page.

-MB Blackout Dates.



RCI Trading Power – The facts directly from RCI.

rci long picSCAN0068


Extra Holidays Material. All Corporate Documents from Web Connect

SCAN0082SCAN0041 2SCAN0055


Happy Selling… or should I say “Closing”

Your Friend,

Cesar L. Rodriguez