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“Oh NOOOOOO! Is today the last day in the series Cesar?”


Yes, I’m afraid it is… but don’t worry because this isn’t the end of our relationship, it’s truly just the beginning of it. In fact I’d love to stay in touch with you, talk to you personally, and hear more about story, what business you’re in, and how it’s going. I’ll leave you my personal cell phone number in a second.


I’d especially love to hear how this boot camp training series may or may not have helped you and what you feel like you’re struggling with the most in building your business. What challenges, problems, or issues are you encountering that you feel are holding you back from the success you deserve? I’d like to know because perhaps I can help.


Now, you may not be struggling with anything and that’s okay, things may be going great for you and if so congratulations. Just do me a favor, keep it real.


If everything isn’t going the way you want it and if you’re not where you want to be, don’t pretend like you are because of pride or because you think that pretending that you’re crushing it and you’re a big shot will impress me and that I’ll want to be recruited by you.


You see, there’s a lot of hype inside our industry and a lot of people are afraid to reveal what they’re struggling with to leaders in this industry like myself, because they’re either afraid we’ll think they’re weak and lose respect for them or they’ll think that if they act like they’re crushing it and everything’s going great with their business that they’ll have a chance to recruit us into their business.


Neither of these above scenarios is true, here’s why:


Number 1) All seasoned coaches know that everyone struggles and hits plateaus from time to time and leaders like me truly enjoy helping others to get breakthroughs and blast through those plateaus.


Realistically, the person who is humble enough to share their weaknesses and struggles isn’t weak at all. Quite the contrary, they’re actually very strong because Humility is one of the greatest strengths of all, while Pride is a sin and a huge sign of insecurity and weakness.


Number 2) The person who is afraid of revealing their challenges because they want to come across like a big shot is just foolish. Why trade a genuine opportunity to make friend and build a relationship with someone you might be able to learn from for a futile attempt to try to impress them in hopes of recruiting them.


If I had the opportunity to talk with someone like Tony Robbins, I sure as heck wouldn’t try to act like a big shot. I’d be all ears and try to learn as much as I possibly could from him and I definitely wouldn’t be shy about sharing any issues with him I thought he might be able to help me with.


Why do I want to hear about your story and challenges?


Because as you’ve been able to tell from several of the videos in this boot camp training series, I created many of them as personal responses to questions my friends and fans were asking me. It also gives me great feedback as to the helpfulness of my videos and ideas for future training videos. So please don’t hold back, I’d love to hear from you and learn more about you, your story, and what you might be struggling with.


It’s very likely that I’ll be able to help you right on the spot by giving you a few quick tips, or by directing you to a video I’ve already filmed on the topic, or who knows maybe I’ll end up making a special training video and dedicated to you where I cover your question in depth, and give you a personal shout out in the video. 😀


Why would I want to take the time to help you succeed?


Because I made a promise to myself a long time ago, before I met you, that I would help you. Let me explain. When I was first starting my business I had tons of questions, challenges, and struggles. I took a lot of hits and had to go through a lot of pain and suffering to get where I am today.


I vowed a long time ago that when I “Made it” I’d never forget where I came from and like Harriet Tubman, I’d come back and help all the people like me, that I could to break free and follow the path to success and freedom. That’s why I do what I do. That’s why I’ve made over 100 videos and spread them all over the internet and have given them away for FREE like I do here on my YouTube Channel, and that’s why I’d love to hear from you and see how I might be able to help you.


I’m very passionate about helping people like you who seize opportunities, chase after their dreams, and who are into personally developing themselves by going through trainings like this Heavy Hitter Boot Camp series I’ve created for you. I love talking to and connecting with people like you one on one, so let’s connect.


Here’s my personal cell phone number: 910-279-4600.


Shoot me a Text or Give me a Call & introduce yourself to me.


Here’s my Email: Click it to email me ->


Or feel free to drop me a message on Facebook Click Here


I’m a very busy guy, but I’m not like a lot of those Gurus you’ll find online that prefer to hide behind their computers and never interact with any of their fans or followers. I’m actually the complete opposite of them.


I’m NOT a Guru, I’m a real person and a regular guy, who prefers to use the internet to connect with people, make friends, and build real relationships… not run from them. So don’t be afraid to give me call after you’re done with this last video and let know your story, how you liked this Heavy Hitter Boot Camp training series, if it helped you, and what you may or may not be struggling with in your business. =)


Okay, are you ready?


It’s time to give you the last video in this series!


In this last video I really wanted to leave you with something that would give you a lasting impact and that would reinforce and wrap together everything I’ve taught you over the week. In this series the main core subjects I focused on training you on were mindset, prospecting, closing, and activity.


So in this last video…


  • I wanted to give you something that would help to keep you motivated, so that you would want to go out in the field and apply the prospecting techniques I’ve taught you.
  • I wanted to give you something that would help you to continually improve your and refine your sales process, closing percentages, as well as allow you to coach yourself so that you could grow to your maximum potential.
  • I wanted something that would remind you constantly of the importance of activity, it’s importance as well as giving your something that would help keep you accountable to your goals.


So in this last video I decided to focus on teaching you how to jack up your activity and closing percentages drastically by revealing a FREE Tool that patented and developed that I have always considered my Secret Weapon.


By the way, even if you already know the tool and program I’m talking about you’ve probably never seen it presented in this way and you probably aren’t using it nearly to it’s potential so be sure to watch this video so you can unlock it’s true potential to explode your business!


In business if you want get bigger results than you’re getting it boils down to two simple things. You have to do more activity. Then you have to make sure you’re constantly refining and optimizing how you do those activities so you’re getting the best results with the effort you’re putting in. So simply put you have to do more and do it better.


After this training video you’ll learn how this one simple tool I created can help you massively increase your motivation so you want to do more activity, and in the process it will also speak to you and show you how to refine your sales process so that you know exactly what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong, and what you could be doing better so you can then tighten up your processes and increase your closing percentages drastically.


Live Footage Revealing My Secret Weapon!

(For Maximum Effect enlarge this video to full screen and play in HD)


After this video is done, if you want to set up a FREE ActivityTracker account Click Here to sign up. I know I mentioned an invitation code in the above video for the attendees of that event but I’d recommend using the link instead because I pre-loaded into it a special invitation code for you that will start you out with several templates and Views I’ve already pre-made for you to help get you started and on your way to increasing your motivation and increasing your closing percentages which means getting better and faster results in less time and with less effort.


Just make sure that as soon as you set up your ActivityTracker account you watch the five short 2-4 minute long tutorial videos on the Dashboard so you can get familiar with the site and know how to access the Views I created for you as well as find new ones that may be more applicable to your company or business. =)


If you already have an ActivityTracker account there’s no need to setup another one just watch the tutorial videos and search out Views that peak your interest here’s a couple of my favorite.


My favorite ActivityTracker Views are the:


1) Generic Sales Tracker


2) YES/ No Tracker <–Great for the 100 No’s Challenge


3) Team Phase1 Tracker <– My Personal & Team Tracker


By the way I know I cut the above video just short of revealing my coveted Immediate YES Formula™, but that was a very special training with a very special audience that payed BIG Money to hear that training. I’m not ready to unleash my Immediate YES Formula™ to the masses just yet. It’s actually a bit dangerous if it gets into the wrong hands. No joke. I will be releasing it soon though and if you want first dibs on that training be sure to register for it and get on the Early Bird Waiting List here:


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