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The secret weapon of CEO's, corporate executives, top earners, & achievers worldwide.

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If you're looking for a next-level coach or consultant to help you increase your performance, happiness, & take your business or company to the next level, look no further.

After 20 years of experience, a long list of millionaire success stories who credit him for their success, & an even longer list of tools, strategies, & methods he’s created to help people get immediate breakthroughs & results, Cesar Rodriguez has developed the reputation of being one of the most sought after coaches & consultants for CEO's, corporate executives, top earners, & achievers worldwide.

Why he's so

Frequently referred to as a young Tony Robbins, what makes Cesar so different from other coaches & consultants, other than his fun-loving personality, is his diverse background & the amount of methodologies & disciplines that he’s studied, mastered, & created, that he uses to help people get immediate breakthroughs & results fast.

A few of Cesar's areas of mastery are: Sales, Psychology, & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Networking Marketing, Internet Marketing, & Pitch Creation. Philosophy, The Law of Attraction, & Rapid Transformation. Branding, Web Design, Videography, & Sales Funnel Development & Optimization.

Why people 
hire him

Cesar, with his diverse & advanced knowledge & mastery of multiple forms of communication, persuasion, psychology, & NLP, is similar to a world-class MMA fighter who has mastered multiple forms of martial arts & can deploy at a moments notice whichever approach or technique is needed to get the fastest, most elegant, & effective result.

However, instead of knocking people out & making them unconscious, Cesar uses brain mapping tools & advanced psychology to make people conscious of things they never considered while removing the subconscious blocks that are holding them back from performing at their highest levels.

Like a hypnotist, he's able to help people instantly & permanently rid themselves of bad habits & self-limiting beliefs so they can experience immediate breakthroughs that would’ve most likely taken them tens of thousands of dollars & years of coaching or therapy elsewhere to achieve.

on steroids

Not only does Cesar do the "shadow work" & help you remove the conscious & subconscious blocks that are sabotaging you & holding you back, but unlike other coaches who just help you with your mindset, he gets in the trenches with you & actually helps you build your business.

He'll dive deep into your business with the scrutiny of an auditor & analyze everything from your website, marketing materials, & sales processes, to the pitches you're using & teaching your sales force to use. 

Then he'll use his expertise in sales, psychology, persuasion, NLP, & marketing to help you create & implement new & improved sales pitches, strategies, & processes, as well as new & improved marketing strategies, videos, & sales funnels that are proven to trigger explosive growth.  

And if you want help creating or revamping your branding, messaging, website, sales funnels, copywriting, campaign automation, or internet marketing processes, these are all areas of his expertise.

unlike any

You can search far & wide, but you'll never find a person who can do all the things he does at the level of mastery he does them with. He's truly unlike any other.

He can get your head right, rewrite your sales pitches, revamp your branding, website, & sales copy faster & more effectively than large consulting firms without the red tape & inflated costs.

He can help you build your team, interview people, & decide whether to hire them or not. If you need his help making an important time-sensitive decision, he's available after "business hours", & is happy to help.  

To Cesar, the name of the game is results & he's down to do whatever it takes to get them for you; Whether that means coaching you, your corporate staff, or training your sales force from the stage or over Zoom on an ongoing basis.  

Your Next step

Cesar's personal coaching & consulting time is very limited, but if you're a CEO, corporate executive, celebrity, top earner, or an achiever who's serious about taking your business & life to the next level, contact Cesar to check his availability & to see if you'd be a match. You can click the link below or send him a text or WhatsApp message at +1(910)-279-4600