I am now currently only sharing the marketing tools I use and endorse with those who are subscribed to my blog and are going through my Heavy Hitter Boot Camp Training Series and who personally email me asking me for recommendations.


I do this because it’s the only way I can make sure my friends and fans don’t just buy marketing tools that I put my stamp of approval without me making you’re at the point where you should start using them.


There are a few tools that I endorse that work really well for generating leads, driving traffic, and giving your business a jump-start or a boost, however if you’re not at the point where you should start implementing high-tech tools for your business then I wouldn’t feel right about recommending them to you.


If you’re interested in talking to me and getting some advice hit me up and let me know by emailing me.


In your email be sure to let me know that you’re subscribed to my blog, are one of my Heavy Hitter Boot Camp Students, and that you’re asking me because you read this section on my blog. =)


Email me here: Cesar@SalesSkool.com


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If you’re not getting the results you want, it’s not always fancy high tech tools and systems that you’re missing as the keys to your success. If you’re not where you want to be it’s because you’re either not doing something right or you’re not doing something enough.


If you’re not doing the “enough” or you’re not doing everything “right”, it’s usually just that no one has trained you properly on how to execute and master the core fundamentals of your business and how to optimize your sales process & closing percentages so you get optimal results.


It’s for that reason that I’ve put together my 7-day Heavy Hitter Boot Camp Video Training Series. If you’re looking for fast results then I’d go through that training first then decide if you still want or need tools to accelerate your growth and success.


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