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Today you’re in for a real treat. Today, I’m going to answer 2 HUGE questions I get all the time that once I answer might very well be game changing for you.


1) How do I prospect people for my business?


2) Where should I go to prospect people?


In the video below I’ll answer both of those questions plus give you a whole lot more. But first you gotta understand where I’m coming from.


Now don’t know about you, but when I first started in my business those were the 2 biggest questions and concerns I had every single day.


I knew I needed people to talk to, but where should I go to meet them and what should I say to spark the conversation and get them interested in what I was doing?


To my surprise I found out no one had really had good any answers, daily routines, patterns, or systems set up to go out and blitz the cold market aggressively, relentlessly, and consistently.


If I heard the old saying once, I heard it a million times, “Don’t go out to do your business, do your business when you’re out”.


To me that advice made sense to be taught the masses, but it didn’t make much sense to me. This was because I knew this business was nothing more than a numbers game and so I wanted to talk to lots of people everyday, even if it meant going out to find them instead of waiting to be out to stumble upon them.


Not to mention I was also single so didn’t have a million errands to run outside of the house that put me around people and I also didn’t have a lot of money to spend hanging out doing stuff.


So why not go out on a mission to prospect people? I mean it’s not like I had the luxury of time to wait around until my suit got dirty so I could then take it to the dry cleaners, so I could then have a justifiable reason to be “out of my house” and then “while I’m out” hopefully prospect someone else who was there at the dry cleaners at the same time. Actually… come to think of it, back then I was so broke that I don’t even think I even had a suit to dry clean. LoL!


To me that sounded like a whole lot of waiting and fluff, and I wanted to cut to the chase. The bottom line is I wanted to rapidly and aggressively play the numbers game and cut through the bull, go against the grain and philosophies taught by most leaders and actually “Go out to prospect people”.


So I did and it wasn’t pretty. I got kicked out of a few stores in a few of my trials and experiments, but all and all it, it did end up being pretty effective and as you can see from the image below I ended up personally prospecting and collecting well over 10,000+ people’s names and numbers in my little black books.


Above image is of the books I’ve filled with names & numbers of people I’ve prospected.


From this activity and the people I prospected in the cold market, I built a pretty impressive team, helped several people I personally prospected and sponsored hit the top level in my company. Not to mention I made a ton of friends and connections. In fact I ended up becoming a pretty popular man around town. My nickname to many was the unofficial mayor of Wilmington… because I knew so many people. I wasn’t aiming to become popular or well connected that just ended up being a pretty cool and unintentional side-effect of my “going out to prospect” technique.


Well anyway, let’s dive right in. Check out this video where I reveal some of my techniques and let me know what you like best in a comment below. =)


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