Congratulations on taking Step 1 of 2 in the enrollment process for your 7 Day Heavy Hitter Boot Camp Training Series.

Before we get started please read the following so that in this step we can tailor your Boot Camp to you and customize your experience… Yeah this training is seriously that cool. =)

Below on this page I’m asking you to confirm your contact information as well as and enter a little bit more about yourself and your business for the following reasons:

  • So I can see what questions or challenges you’re having before this training and so I can followup with you to see if you’re still having them after day seven.
  • Because, I’ve put together more than one version of this Boot Camp depending on your industry and the answers to your questions. The variations may be slight, but I wanted to make sure your experience was as tailored to you and custom as possible. You’re going to love it!
  • To have an idea of who you are and to have multiple ways of getting in touch with you. I ask for your city/state and country for example so I can know your timezone and therefore know the best times to send you emails and/or call you. (Now don’t get too excited about this. I can’t promise that I’ll ever call you, but who knows, I like the phone and I love my fans, so it is nice to know that if I ever do feel like reaching out to you sometime I already have your number on file.
  • And last but not least, because there’s a good chance that I’ll be continually revising and updating the training videos inside this series so it’s nice to hear what real people like you are struggling with and want more training on so I know what types of videos to include in future revisions of this training as well as what other types of videos I should create and shoot out to my email list… which now includes you.

So with all that being said enter your contact info below and answer the questions so that we can fully customize your experience and begin what might possibly become known as the most powerfully game changing seven days of your life!

I’m especially excited for you to see today’s video. You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so you know I had to open this 7 day training strong!

In fact, the first training video you’re about to receive after you fill out the form below is so strong that if all you did was watch this one training video and apply what you learn in it, it alone could seriously have the potential to change your entire mindset and business so drastically that you’d barely recognize your business and personal life 60 days from now.

… and that’s no joke or exaggeration, you’ll see soon that I’m right. In fact drop me a comment after this next video and let me know how right or wrong I was.  😉

Make sure you do NOT accidentally close this STEP 2 page without filling out the required fields and answering the short questions above.

If you do not complete this second step, the Heavy Hitter Boot Camp training sequence will NOT be triggered to start and you will NOT get the Boot Camp videos you requested and I know you’re excited to go through.

Warning: Putting in a any false information above will do you NO good because…

#1) The videos in this training series will be sent to you via email, so if you put in any false information, like a fake email address, then you’re never going to receive the links to access your Heavy Hitter Boot Camp videos. After you complete this second step of the enrollment process when the next page says “Congratulations check your email for your first video!” you’ll have hit a dead end and you’ll be thinking “Doh!”

#2) I prefer to do business with and help honest people who have good intentions. So if it looks like you’re putting in bogus or weak information above, then that tells me you’re dishonest and if you’re dishonest… Why would I want to help you? If I suspect you entered bogus information above I’m simply going to unsubscribe you from my list and this training campaign and you’ll never get a second video. Sorry, I just don’t do business with shady people. So keep it real or don’t bother entering in anything at all. 😉