free government funding

how businesses can get free government money that they can do whatever they want with and don't have to pay back.


This above video explains the details on how businesses can qualify to get up to $26,000 from the US government for every w2 employee that works for them as a result of The $2.1 trillion dollar CARES act that was passed & recently modified by the consolidated appropriations act in 2021. The money we qualify our clients for comes in the form of checks from the US Treasury directly to them, is not earmarked, and is not a loan. Meaning it can be used for whatever the business owner wants & it does not have to paid back. After you're done watching the above video get back with whoever invited you to this page to get your questions answered and to discuss the next steps.

Cesar L. Rodriguez Speaker, Consultant, & Govt Funding Specialist


Although current dollar amounts and averages were used to describe things such as the amount of money our firm has been averaging in funding for our clients these numbers were used for illustrative purposes & do not constitute any kind of promises, guarantees, or income claims. All numbers mentioned in this video, including company averages of returns, were current averages during the filming of this video. However it should not be assumed that these numbers are the most current & up to date averages at the time you are watching this video if you are watching it at a much later date then the day it was last filmed and updated in Sept 2022.