ERC Opportunity Overview

how to get paid big over the next 2 years by helping businesses get free government money they're legally entitled to & rarely know about.

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This above video is an overview of what I consider to be the most lucrative win-win opportunity I've ever seen for business owners & the people who are willing to educate them on how they may be able to qualify for up to $26,000 in free money from the US government for every employee that works for them as a result of The $2.1 trillion dollar CARES act that was passed & recently modified. After you're done watching the above video get back with me or whoever invited you here to discuss the next steps.

Cesar L. Rodriguez Speaker, Coach, Consultant


The above mentioned opportunity is not a network marketing or mlm opportunity. This is an opportunity to refer clients to one of the largest CPA & forensic accounting firms in the world that happens to be the #1 firm in qualifying businesses for the free government money program mentioned in the above video & ensuring that they receive the maximum amount of money they're legally eligible for by the IRS by using their proprietary software, methods, & forensic accountants that specialize in the ERC program.

Although there is no investment to get started, we are very selective about who bring on board our team due to the time, training, & resources we invest in our people. So please know that watching this video, knowing someone on our team, & wanting to get involved does not guarantee that we will take you on board on our team. 

Although dollar amounts were used to describe things such as the amount of money our firm has been averaging in funding for our clients & the amount of commissions you & others can make for referring clients to our firm, these numbers are for illustrative purposes & do not constitute any kind of promises, guarantees, or income claims.

All numbers mentioned including current company averages of returns were current averages during the filming of this video, however it should not be assumed that these numbers are current & up to date at the time you are watching this video if you are watching this video anytime later than the day it was filmed.

All commissions paid are considered affiliate commissions in which 20% of the total commission earned will be paid when we submit your clients paperwork to the IRS & before the company you referred to us has even received any money. The remainder of your commissions will be paid when the money officially comes in from the IRS & is sent to the client & then back to the firm.

As with any affiliate or referral partnership program or business opportunity that involves reaching out to & communicating with others it should always be assumed that hard work will be necessary to succeed, that there are no guarantees of success, & despite the amount of rapid success stories that exist you should never compare yourself to others because individual results always vary. You should also always assume that any success you do happen to achieve will take longer than you planned, require more effort than you hoped, & will be extremely difficult, even if it looks & sounds extremely easy.

It should also be assumed that along your journey it is very likely that you will be tested multiple times & you will encounter a ton of no's, disappointment, heartache, & frustration that will lead to incessant thoughts of quitting, slowing down & questioning your very existence. Have we scared you away yet?

If none of this scares you, get back with whoever invited you to this page, & tell them you'd like to become an agent on our team & in our company. For your safety always confirm that whoever you're speaking with is on my team so you can get access to all the resources mentioned in this video & all the ones that are on the way. 

If we choose to take you on board our team you will be given access to a private online training portal you can go through immediately, a custom sales funnel, & you'll have the ability & rights to use pages & videos like the one above & the others we've created & are perpetually creating for our team. You will also receive ongoing training, tools, & resources that myself & my team will be creating in order to help maximize your chances of success, ease, & joy in the journey.