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Today’s video training will be extra special because you’re going to get a two for one deal. Today I’m giving you a two part training where the second video will play off of the first.


The first video below will open up with probably one of the motivational and emotional videos I’ve ever seen in my career. I start out most of my live training events with this powerhouse video clip.


You’ll see me briefly start out my training with this 2:20 second video clip then when it’s done you’ll see me transition into a ridiculously sick training on creating the fuel that will give you the motivation to run through brick walls with the power of a freight train to achieve your goals. I recommend that when you’re done with this first video you grab a pen and participate in the exercise I go through as if you were in the audience. Seriously, play “Full Out” and do it.


The second video below will teach you how to take that fuel, turn it into energy, and take what you wrote down from the first video and craft it into a remarkable story that tells brands yourself in such a way that everyone you approach and share your story with will feel like they HAVE to listen to you. The best part is not only will they feel like they have to listen to you, they’ll actually WANT to listen to you.


If you’ve ever struggled with how to effectively approach those in your Warm Market (friends, family, and people you know) then this video will be game changing for you!


On a side note, I’d have given anything to know what you’re about to learn in video two when I first started out because I pretty much blew out my entire warm market my first few months so badly that no one will else will probably ever be able to approach them successfully for any business opportunity for the rest of their lives. LoL!


Here’s the first video. If you’re serious about your business then take this exercise seriously and grab a pen and paper and follow along and participate as if you were in the front row of this audience and I was about to call on you. =)


(For Maximum Effect enlarge this video to full screen and play in HD)


Here’s the second video. This video will turn you into a prospecting machine, especially within your warm market and with people you know.

(For Maximum Effect enlarge this video to full screen and play in HD)


After you’re done with this second video take what you wrote down from the first video and use it to help you craft a short story of why you’re doing what you’re doing, why you won’t fail, and why you WILL succeed. Then practice telling your short Why Story in the most concise and passionate way possible. Then practice working it into your conversation when you approach and prospect people to expose them to your product, service, or opportunity.


If you liked what you learned today, wait until tomorrow!


Tomorrow, you’re going to get perhaps one of the most powerhouse videos in this entire Heavy Hitter training series. You’re going to learn how to edify, prospect, recruit, and close people in both the warm and cold markets. It’s a live training much like what you saw in the first video above. I’m warning you right now, that this video is jam packed with golden nuggets, and approaching and closing scripts, styles, and methodologies you’ve probably never heard before in your career.


Tomorrows video is only 12:40 seconds long, so you it’s fast enough that you can watch it the second you get the link to your inbox, but don’t watch it just once. It’s seriously so dense and content rich that I’m going to encourage you watch it several times because you’ll find that each time you watch it you’ll pick up something that you missed the last time. =)


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