CESAR'S Black Friday

Advanced training products & programs for achievers who are ready to stop playing & want big results, really fast. 


($297 $147)

This ain’t your grandma’s closing course. This is a full-blown virtual coaching program teaching you the art and mastery of  how to approach & close anyone on your product, service, or opportunity the same day, IMMEDIATELY & without objections. If you’re sick of dealing with unnecessary rejection, then this is the program for you. (Instant Digital Delivery)


($497 $247)

The Reality Networker Prospecting Mastery System™ is the ultimate training for mastering the art of cold market prospecting and recruiting! Prospecting Mastery includes 20 videos of hidden camera footage of live 'in the streets' prospecting with a "Reality TV Style" play-by-play breakdown of the entire scene so you understand the psychology behind everything that was said and done! (Instant Digital Delivery)


($397 $197)

The Reality Networker Calling & Closing Mastery System™ is the ultimate training for mastering the art of the invite, presentation, follow up, and close! If you're sick of dealing with objections, you'll love the workbook/reference guide, 6 videos, & 21 recorded conversations of Cesar calling, inviting, presenting, following up with & closing prospects! (Instant Digital Delivery)


($497 $247)

This is the ultimate training for mastering coaching, leadership, duplication, getting reps started, & promoting events. Inside Leadership Mastery, you'll find a comprehensive workbook & reference guide, bonus videos, & 26 coaching conversations of me getting reps started fast, promoting events like a BEAST, & driving duplication! ( Instant Digital Delivery)

Reality Networker BUNDLE OFFER

Get the complete Reality Networker Mastery System™. That's right - the entire trilogy. If you want to master all 7 areas of Network Marketing fast, then what better way to do it than by watching an industry legend in the field prospecting, making calls, closing, recruiting, & training his team.

When you choose to invest in the complete Reality Networker virtual coaching program, you'll get all this & more. This bundle offer is for the serious network marketer who's willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals & dreams.


($695) Instant Digital Delivery

THE RECRUIT 10 People IN 10 Days Challenge (Only $97!)

The Recruit 10 in 10 Challenge is Cesar's group coaching & mentoring program for Network Marketers where you're put on a custom program designed to help you Recruit 10 People in 10 Days using his proven secrets, strategies, & scripts.

Open enrollment for this group only happens occasionally, but when it does, if you're lucky enough to grab a spot, you'll start with a 10-day blitz where you watch 12 videos in 10 days & apply what you learn with Cesar helping you along the way.

You can stay a part of the group longer than 10 days so you can have access to over 100 of his best training videos & receive his ongoing coaching & mentorship, but everyone starts out following his proven 10-day challenge recruiting blitz program.


In a post pandemic world with every company & team doing virtual conventions & Zoom trainings all the time, how do you shake things up, set yourself apart from the masses, & show your people what a badass organization they're in?

Simple; Book Cesar as a keynote speaker or guest trainer for your next Zoom. Not only will booking a speaker & trainer of his caliber & reputation elevate your brand, but it will excite your sales force, & you'll see the results in your bottom line.

Statistically speaking, companies & leaders who book Cesar for virtual conventions & Zooms sell more tickets, have record high attendance rates, & report immediate & long lasting increases in sales, income, & team growth.


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