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Introduction & Disclaimer to the next Seven Days


Welcome to Day 1 of the several game changing training videos you’re about to receive. Whether you’re looking for a breakthrough or you’re looking to get the edge you’re in the right place going through the right training!


Over the years I’ve created 100’s of training videos that are spread all over the internet most of them are free and here on my blog or on my Youtube channel.


However, the videos you’ll be getting over the next few days are special. They’re private videos you won’t find anywhere else and they were prepared just for you and designed to take you to the next level and transform you into a Heavy Hitter.


Over the next few days you’ll be getting videos covering everything from Mindset, to Prospecting How To’s and Techniques, to Advanced Closing Concepts, Methods, and Technologies.


You’ll become bigger, badder, and more ferocious in the market place as well as more efficient and effective.


Seven days from now when you’ve finished this Boot Camp Training Series and you’re feeling more powerful, wise, and personally developed than ever before, you’ll still be aching for more, but don’t fret, I won’t leave you hanging.


I’ll continue to send you training videos every now and again and I’ll keep you informed every time I come out with something new whether it be a blog post, training video, product, program, system or tool that I feel would benefit you.


Just so you know upfront, I’m not into overwhelming people with tons of emails or spamming people with junk that won’t help them.


If I email you something it’ll mostly likely be something important, valuable, or fun. If I ever promote something it’s because I’m believe in it, am using it successfully, and think it will genuinely help you.


Regarding this Heavy Hitter Boot Camp Series


Many people sign up for this training series because they have one thing they want to learn about like “Prospecting”, and that’s totally cool. However, it’s very important that you don’t skip all the other emails and training videos I’m going to send you in this series for two reasons.


Reason #1) I chose to include every one of these videos because many of them flow together. For example if you were to skip the videos on mindset (like the first video training below on this page), it’s very possible that you won’t have the right attitude, motivation, courage, or state of mind to execute and implement what I teach you in the training videos on prospecting and closing.


Reason #2) I have a Super-Bad-Ninja-like email marketing and analytics system that can tell if you’re opening your emails, going to the pages I send you, watching the videos on them and how much of the videos you’re actually watching. If me or my system detects that you didn’t open an email or watch a video I sent you, then instead of getting the next email and video in the training series, it will most likely resend you the same video over and over again until it detects that you’ve watched it. I have it setup this way so that people don’t accidentally miss an email or video in the series and so that everything flows perfectly together.


Now for Today’s Video!


Today, we’re going to focus on mindset and helping you make the shift into a ten times bolder version of yourself so you attack the marketplace with a new vigor and enthusiasm.


I’m going to help you wage a war on those weak minded thoughts that hold you back from doing what you know needs to be done by giving you what I call my “Secret to Success”.


In this video I’m going to help you attack and eliminate the fear of rejection & approach anxiety at it’s root and transform you into a prospecting and closing machine. Click to play the below video and Buckle up!


(For Maximum Effect enlarge this video to full screen and play in HD)


As you noticed from the above training video, today we focused on your mindset and getting you to do more. Over the next few days we’ll focus more on making sure everything you are doing is being done right by focusing on improving your sales process and increasing your closing percentages and ratios…


But, to kick start your results today, I decided to give you as a  bonus an extra free training video teaching you my Immediate YES Formula and how to get anyone to say YES to your product, service, or opportunity immediately and without objections.


If you just registered for this boot camp you should be getting an email containing this bonus training within the next few minutes. 


I triggered my system to send it you about 15 minutes after you clicked on the link to get to this page.


So if you haven’t gotten it already, in a few minutes, check your inbox or spam folder for it and go through this training right away. You’ll want to have this killer IYF closing training under your belt and down pact before tomorrow’s training. 😉


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