The Economy Isn’t the Problem! Why People are Broke and Jobless -My Rant

The Economy is NOT the reason so many people are broke right now!

Too many people use “The Economy” as their scapegoat for their current lack of financial health and truthfully the economy isn’t the problem.

Money didn’t disappear, it’s just moved from where it used to be.

Sadly, many people are broke and jobless because they’re waiting for their “cheese” to return to where it used to be and they refuse to accept that times have changed.

Those who are willing to study the new trends, are willing to learn new skills, and adapt will prosper and rise to the top of this new economy and those that don’t will fall to the bottom of it.


The Economy? Be the Change You Want to See!

Have you let the economy affect your mindset?

If you’re one of the ones who is willing to change but just doesn’t know where to start my first recommendation is to get and read the book: “Who moved my Cheese” By Spencer Johnson.

It’s a very short but powerful book on dealing with change.

the economy
Most people don’t realize that they need to change, nor are they willing.

As I was filming this video in South Beach Miami, I was looking at all of the nice cars, and watching restaurants remain busy and honestly it appears most folks haven’t really changed what they are doing all that much.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the negativity of it all, but as you can see in the paper I was reading, I had plenty of ammo to teach what I was teaching.

Let’s face it, there are still jobs out there, but most people that are considered wealthy are those that didn’t really have jobs. They built an enterprise my friends.

In fact, let’s take this a step further. Do you realize that most wealthy people didn’t even go to college? Those that did attend college didn’t finish it. They were probably bored! Why some of you may disagree with that, just remember that I am a college graduate.

However, what am I doing with my life? I became an entrepreneur rather than working for someone else. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth, and I wasn’t the kid of a CEO of a major company.

I decided to try this out for myself to see what I could do. When I saw the potential in it, I just kept going! I am where I am today because I had great mentors I listened to and I chose to make it work!

Create Your Own Economy

Okay, so now that you know how I feel about the economy, don’t you think it’s time to really just take the time to consider your gifts and talents?

Why not use what you have? The economy cannot touch what is inside of you, EVER!

Sorry if I ruffled some people’s feathers, but leaders don’t tell people what they WANT to hear they tell people what they NEED to hear.

“The economy” isn’t the problem, it’s you!

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