Live Prospecting Footage! How to prospect sharp waiters and write off your meals.

In this video you'll see Live Prospecting Footage of me prospecting a sharp waiter. Watching this video a few times & studying it will help you learn how to prospect sharp waiters quickly, smoothly, & easily.

I really liked this waiter & thought he had potential for bigger & better things so I decided to prospect him & tell Emily to record the whole thing on camera. Enjoy!

Why I decided to do this & the only way I was ever able to learn prospecting....

The reason I told Emily to record me prospecting this waiter on camera is because I know a lot of people are visual learners like me & learn best by watching someone do something instead of just hearing how to do it.

One of the most significant things I did in my life that allowed to succeed in an industry where so many people drop out, give up, & quit is to acknowledge that I'm a visual learner & I need to just go with it.

For example, what I had to do to master people & prospecting is to find a way to get around the most skilled person I knew with people & prospecting so that I could see him in action & learn to be as confident & skilled as he was.

That legendary man became my mentor & his name was Mr. Larry Gregory. 

For me to learn from him required I make a huge life commitment. I had to pay thousands to uproot myself & move to a city where I knew absolutely no one but him, just so I could get close enough to him to watch him prospect strangers.

It was a big commitment, but it paid off big. And because it worked so well for me & transformed my life, I decided to pay it forward & teach others how to prospect by letting them watch me prospect strangers the way I watched my mentor.

The above video is an example of me keeping that commitment I made to helping others, especially those of us who are visual learners like me & learn best by watching people demonstrate things for them.    

If you got value from this video & would like to see more live prospecting videos that are far more detailed & advanced than this one & include a "Reality TV show" style play-by-play breakdown of everything I'm saying & doing & why...

Then you'd probably be a good candidate for & really love a training program & course I created called "Reality Networker™ Prospecting Mastery".

I don't want to blab on about it because I know a ton of people reading this have been through it, but if you're one of the ones who hasn't, then you can watch a video & learn more about it here:

It's not for everybody. I know there are super introverted people out there who are perfectly fine with the idea of going their entire lives without ever truly mastering people, psychology, & learning how to quickly turn strangers into friends...

But if you're not one of them, you liked that video above, & you think you might be a visual learner, then this course might just be the missing key to transforming you into the fearless & bold, prospecting & recruiting machine you're meant to be.

If you want to learn more about it, click here. If not, no problem.

Either way, I appreciate the love, hope you enjoyed this video, & I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback on this video. Feel free to drop a comment below or shoot me personal DM on Instagram or Facebook.  

Your friend & coach,

Cesar L. Rodriguez

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