The “Kids Objection”

Kids… Are they the reason you can’t or you should?

My belief is they’re the reason YOU MUST. All too often I hear people use their kids as an excuse as to why they can’t do a thing.

“I’d love to start a home based business, but I can’t. I just don’t have the time, because of my kids”

“I’d love to join your business and stop being broke, but I don’t have the money to get started, because I have kids”

“I can’t go to the seminar/regional training/convention because I got the kids”

“I’d love to invest in myself and buy some programs or courses that would help me, but things are just so tight right now. C’mon you know how it is, I got kids.”

Etc, etc.

All I know is that if I was the kid or kids belonging to some of the parents I’ve heard give these types of excuses it might make me feel pretty crappy about even being born.

As a kid, I’d hate to think I’m the reason my parents aren’t happier, more successful, or living better lives.

Here’s a quick exercise, try this on for size… The next time you think about using your kids as an objection or the reason why you can’t, imagine you’re giving your excuse with your kids in the background listening, or even better imagine saying it directly to their face, no holds barred.

Imagine saying something to them like this…

Baby Jeremiah OMG“Hey son/daughter we’re really broke right now because of you and I’d love to not be so broke and do something about it, but because of you I just can’t seem to get myself unstuck from this position”.

Think that’s too extreme? Well every time you use them as an excuse, you’re pretty much saying something not too far off of that statement.

My recommendation if you have kids is that you instead of using them as your excuse from now on, you instead draw a line in the sand, make up your mind to stop giving excuses, and consider and having a one on one life changing conversation with them like this…

“Hey son/daughter I just want you to know you’re the most important person in my life and because I’ve been blessed with you in my life, I want to make you proud and your life amazing. I want you to know that whether you know it or not you motivate me to become a better person and from now on things are going to be different…

From today forward I vow to you that I’m going to no longer make excuses and I’m going to start to produce results.

I’m going to sacrifice all that I can and do whatever it takes to put myself in a position that will allow me spend the most quality time with you possible and give you all the best experiences and opportunities this life has to offer.

You deserve the best and I won’t stop until you have it. I’m not talking about spoiling you, I’m talking about providing for you a life where we have access to everything incredible and unique that this world has to offer.

The best schools, the best vacations, the best quality time, memories, and experiences that you can possibly imagine.

I’m not there yet and I know things haven’t been looking like that so far, but today is the start of something special.

I’m more serious then I’ve ever been and my plan from today forward is to work hard now and pay my dues upfront so that down the road I can set us up so that we never have to suffer or want for anything we need, want, or desire again.

You shouldn’t have to pay for my lack of discipline and I want to be the example of personal achievement that you can look up to. I want to show you whats possible when you put your mind to something and refuse to quit.

It’s not gonna be easy, but it’s gonna be worth it. It will take some upfront sacrifice, everything worth attaining does. I’m telling you this now because when those times come I want you to understand why I’m doing what I’m doing and I need you to be supportive of that… Trust me it’ll be worth it.

This may mean I may have to miss a few days with you now in the short term, but I vow to you that I will make every one of those days count for something and one day because of these sacrifices, we’ll be able to live the type of life most people only dream of.

I love you and because of your existence I’m now that much more motivated to take life by the horns and be the man/woman I was put on this earth to be.

So thank you. Thank you for being born and being so incredible, you are my reason for being, you are my motivation, and I love you and I won’t let you down!”


Then I’d work my face off to back up everything I said!

You tell me, what parent would you rather be born to?

What type of parent have you been? It’s never too late to change your philosophy.

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