How to Wow People! The Greatest and Most Hilarious Infomercial Ever Filmed! – Starring Me

How to wow the world in sales! Look out ShamWow Guy, and you other infomercial celebs! There’s a new kid on the block! You may wanna get your resumes ready!

Would you like to learn how to wow? I gotta admit this video took me a few takes to film because I kept laughing at the fact that I was actually doing it!

Anyone on TV can sell something unique and cool and make it seem like a total deal, but that’s not a true test of someone’s sales abilities.

If you have a cool product to market, excitement and enthusiasm in your presentation, others might look at you and think you’re a great salesman.

However, I think the true test is if you can convince people to want something that isn’t good, or even better something that doesn’t even exist, like an idea! This is the true test of salesmanship!

So I filmed this video as a spoof and a joke in order to demonstrate to my team that with enough enthusiasm, and passion behind what you’re talking about literally anything can be sold… even “nothing” can sound appealing.

If you can arrive at the point where you can make people want to give you money in exchange for “nothing” then you have learned how to WOW!

You’re truly ready to be a sales superstar! If you can get that good then imagine what will happen when you actually have something of incredible value and service to present to someone. No one will ever be able to say no to you!

So below, you’ll see a funny spoof video of doing exactly that. Making “nothing” look good enough to buy! LoL!

Do I Know How to Wow?

So what do you think? Did you like the video? Do I know how to wow? Did it make sense enough to buy? Did you feel compelled to want to send me your money?

A funny story occurred once because of this video. A  guy from college saw this video and actually thought this is what I do for a living.

He actually thought that I was a con artist and made my living from this videos like this!! LoL! He proceeded to tell me off and how God wouldn’t like what I was doing for a living.

When I explained to him that the video was a spoof video I did for training on how to wow, and joking purposes. Thus he was big enough to apologize and retract his statement.

So in case anyone is thinking this video is how I make my living, please note that this video is a spoof! However, I am making a point with this.

When you get into sales, you need to learn how to wow without pitching people. Sure, you want to make a sale, but you have to create value first. This is largely how people in my opinion really learn how to wow.

A true salesperson can win someone over by creating value, sharing their enthusiasm, and really project how they feel on the inside to others.

This is what life should really be like when it comes to influencing others, whether it has to do with sales or not!

how to wow

Would You Like to Learn How to Wow?

Okay, so I will say that I get a lot of folks that email me and state they would love to work with me, however, it’s only because I have learned how to wow.

This is because I had a wonderful mentor for which I am completely blessed!

I have to say that had it not been for my mentor when I first started in network marketing, I would have been so lost.

I am so grateful and blessed that someone saw enough potential in me, and now I want to pass that onto you too and teach you “how to wow” in sales, so that you can change your life!

Are you teachable? Do you like to keep your options open?

If I could teach you something that didn’t interfere with what you were doing right now, would you listen? I can teach you how to wow!

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