How to Increase Income with Activity Tracker™ Live Demo! What I Spent Over 2.5yrs Patenting & Developing!

The Real Story behind How to Increase Income with the worlds first fun, free, and easy online sales activity tracking tool!

Being in sales for over 10yrs working as a sales trainer, I have learned how to help you learn how to increase income.

Because I love what I do I’ve naturally read tons of books, listened to countless audio trainings, and I’ve been to more seminars that I could possibly count. 

During that time I’ve heard almost every top trainer talk at some point on the need to track what you do to learn how to increase income.

The reason is simple; for accountability purposes, for measuring progress, for the purpose of analyzing weaknesses and strengths, and to help you coach yourself to learn how to increase income.

We’ve all heard, the quotes: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”, “Anything worth doing is worth tracking”, and have learned of about the law of averages and the importance of analyzing your ratios to determine how much of an activity you need to do to get to your desired end result of a closed sale.

However, most people tell you to track it on paper.

Yuk! =P Or they tell you to use some type of cumbersome or expensive CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) where you have to enter in all of the information of your prospects. To me that’s the kryptonite of a most sales people.

I hate logging in info into computers and spending more time typing than talking.

If I liked that I would’ve become a secretary or gone with a desk job vs the fun and exciting world of sales!

So, What Did I Develop to Help You Learn How to Increase Income?

So I thought to myself, I need a program that’s fun, fast, easy, and allows me to track the activities that I do without having to worry about logging in info.

Increasing productivity and learning how to increase income go hand in hand!

Oh yeah, it’d be really great if it was FREE and I could have my team use it and friend them up on it so I can see what they’re up to. 🙂

So after months of not finding what I was looking for I decided to step up and do some research into creating it.

here was obviously a void in the market place to help salespeople learn how to increase income and productivity.

After extensive research by my top notch patent attorney we found out that my concept, program, and future invention had never been created before and that I could patent it, be the first and bring something really unique to the marketplace, so I did!

Today it’s awesome to see the invention I thought of is now patent protected, a website is up for all to enjoy, and I’m helping companies, sales people, sales managers, trainers, and entrepreneurs all across the country to achieve their goals and dreams! 😀

What Did I Create and Patent to Teach You How to Increase Income and Productivity?

The result was a fun, free, and easy online activity tracking tool that does more than you could imagine in the simplest possible interface imaginable!

Watch this below video and let me know what you think and set up a free account! The site is 100% free. I think that deserves a thumbs up don’t ya think. 😀

If you want to learn how to increase productivity and how to increase income, then watch this video now, and read what is just below!


Let me know what you think of the video and set up a free account by clicking this link.

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