How to become successful, even if you’re broke & have a crappy job!

If you want see me mercilessly shred someone’s excuses on camera while giving you the instruction & direction you need to become massively successful, even if you’re broke & have a crappy job, then you’re gonna love this blog post & video!

Would you like to learn how to go from broke and struggling to becoming massively successful… even if you have a crappy job with terrible hours and little to no money to invest in yourself?

Would you like to learn a secret success hack I used that allowed me to learn skills I needed to succeed, for free, before the days of YouTube? If so, you’re gonna dig this video, but I gotta warn ya. It’s a little hardcore.

So here’s the deal. I get messages every week from people who want to become successful. They want to positively impact others, make big money, have time freedom, and be looked up to. So what’s in their way? What’s stopping them you ask?

Well if you ask them, they usually respond with things like their crappy job, horrible hours, lack money, kids, un-supportive friends and family, lack of contacts or credibility, or any other number of excuses.

But in reality, what I’ve observed after listening to thousands of these people over the years, is the thing that’s usually stopping most people from becoming successful and achieving their dreams usually has more to do with their attitude, mindset, and belief system than anything else.

In today’s video you’ll hear a classic example of my point. You’ll hear me read an email someone sent me sharing all their reasons (excuses) why they think they can’t be successful.

Then you’ll hear me shred those excuses on camera and reveal what I did when I was in a similar situation to them. You’ll hear what my mindset was when I was in a position similar to them. You’ll learn what my attitude was as well as some of the strategies I used to get the skills I needed to achieve the success I have today.

If you’re currently broke and/or struggling to achieve success and feel like you have a bunch of obstacles standing in your way, I think you’re probably gonna have an epiphany and mindset shift while watching this video that may wind up giving you the breakthrough you’ve been searching for.

And always remember this truth, no matter what you’re going through, somewhere out there, there’s somebody who’s got it worse off than you, who’s outworking you and out producing you, without making excuses.

As my mentor always told me, you can make money or you can make excuses, but you can’t make both. I personally made the decision that I’d rather have a pocket full of money than a pocket full of excuses.

Enjoy this video and please do know that anytime I come across a little more hardcore than usual it’s just because it’s a passionate topic to me and I truly, in my heart, want to help you and see you succeed and achieve your dreams.

Even if that means I gotta shake you up a little bit.

I feel like we’re all put on this earth to make an impact, help others and live our dreams, and I want that for you. More than you know. I’m rooting for you and I’m here to help you anyway I can. =)

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