Cold Market Confidence

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Cold Market Confidence

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How to get out of your comfort zone to do those things that keep holding you back.

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Cesar L. Rodriguez

Cesar L. Rodriguez is one of the most sought after speakers, trainers, coaches, & consultants in the direct sales, network marketing, & small business industry today. He's best known for having impacted the lives of millions through his stage talks, training videos, podcasts, & movement, "The B10xB Movement®".

For fun, Cesar enjoys working out, playing sports (soccer, volleyball, & ultimate frisbee are his favorites), spending quality time with his family (Emily, & his Dog Blaze), doing personal & spiritual development, & helping people to transform into ten times bolder, more confident, & badass versions of themselves so they can live the life of their dreams.

If you're interested in booking Cesar to train your company or team in person, or over Zoom, the most direct way to do so is to direct message him on

If you'd like to connect with him & you're not on Instagram, or if you have any support questions related to your account, send an email to his support team at

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